Left wing vs right wing

C J Stone has written for the Guardian and other newspapers and journals.I find his writing useful and stimulating.He gives  a lot of links to other sites where you can fill  thegaps in your knowledge.



276I’m getting very tired of the division of the world into “right wing” and “left wing”. It seems to me to be a false dichotomy.

In fact if you listen to the average person, they usually hold a wide variety of views reaching right across the political spectrum.

Often they are anti-immigration (a right wing position) but at the same time they are also quite likely to be sceptical of government propaganda and as vehemently opposed to British participation in foreign adventures in the Middle East as any member of the SWP.

In fact it is entirely possible to hold two entirely contradictory ideas in your head at the same time.

William Blake said: “Do what you will, this world’s a fiction and is made of contradiction.”

I always agree with William Blake.


Source: Left wing vs right wing by Chris Stone

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